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The 4Runner - I enjoy driving it and the stereo sounds great, but I still miss the Landcruiser.




The wheels are Boss Motorsport 301s, which measure 20 x 8.5". The tires are Nitto 404 275/55/20



The Trunk - I just constructed a new box, which took around 45 hours to complete. Enclosed are four Alpine Type-R 12" Subwoofers, which are pushed by an MTX 225HO amplifier.


Before - The dash is torn apart, and the stock radio and amplifier are removed.
After - The Clarion LCD source unit is mounted above the 13-band Kenwood equalizer in the 4Runner's dash. It's a good thing Toyotas have double DIN dashes. The CD changer is mounted under the driver's seat, along with a DVD player.

Before - The stock speakers in the front door.
After - Obviously, this picture was taken before I put the door panels back on. A set of Kenwood Dualmags 6.5" two-way components in the front doors. They are run by a Kenwood PS300t amplifier. Similar 6.5" coaxial speakers are in the rear doors, and are also run by the PS300T amplifier.

The Kenwood amplifier that runs the midranges and tweeters is installed in the storage compartment in the trunk, and cannot normally be seen.


This is a shot of the trunk with the cover concealing the Kenwood amplifier. I just covered the trunk with CAE sound deadening material, which helped reduce body vibrations.